Infinite Abundance Workshop is a SOLD OUT event

The Infinite Abundance workshop, October 11 & 12th that is being held here at Pathways Body Mind Spirit will be a sold out event. All attendees will learn what they need too, so they may advance in their personal journey. All will experience the abundance that they desire and need. Each attendee will they teach what they learned to 10 others. Those 10 will teach 10 others and those 10 will teach 10 others and so it will continue to be as we change the consciousness of Michigan and the United States and the world.

I am blessed and filled with gratitude with all of the abundance the universe provides me.
Supporting Actions:

I email, mail and talk about the workshop to everyone that is open to learning how to manifest infinite abundance.
I do my own work everyday on shifting my consciousness to that of infinite abundance.
I have teamed up with professionals that want to help make this a successful event.
I have an adverting plan that I am working.
I trust that the universe will provide all that I need to make this event successful for Naisha, myself, the store and the attendees. I have involved the local downtown businesses so they may share in the abundance.
Background Information:

October 11 & 12th 2008. Naisha Ahsian will present her new work “Receiving Infinite Abundance” at my little store, Pathways Body Mind Spirit, here in Cadillac, MI. I have set the goal of having 100 attendees at this 2 day event. I thank my teacher Beth S. and Naisha for bringing this opporunity to us.

My mom hands

Some people have nicely manicured hands. Mine are a mess, and I blame parenthood.Seriously, my hands are so gross. Right now I’m sporting a très stylish piece of Kleenex held in place with Scotch brand Magic Tape on my pinkie because, although we must buy about one box of novelty BandAids per week, I can’t find any, NOT EVEN ONE in my entire house. Although the paper sleeves and adhesive backings are in piles under The Little Nutball’s dresser and bed, in the bathroom trash, and under the claw-foot tub.

My hands are chapped from the heavy-duty, anti-salmonella protocol we’re following at home following the purchase of a trio of chicks (don’t ask), plus the heavy-duty scrubbing post-burial of dead pond fish necessitated by our present spring thaw (again: don’t ask). And my nails are cut to the quick, partly out of stress and partly so my nails won’t scratch my child when I brush her hair. Also, one of my nails is dying a slow death by hangnail.

Honestly, I’d get a manicure but I think I’d scare away the nail technician.

As far as complaints go, I know, I know: I could have it a whole lot worse, but, what I don’t get is, how do the moms-of-preschoolers with nice hands manage it? I don’t mean that in a standard-issue, “they must be failing their kids in some way to pay so much attention to their hands” way. (God knows, I’ve worked with types who’d imply such a thing.) I mean: Dude, what’s your secret?

Diabetes and cloudy urine

Diabetes not only can cause glucose in urine, but may also lead to cloudy urine, that may be present with either red or white cloudy appearance, respectively, representing blood in urine and bacteriuria (pyuria).

Diabetes and urinary tract infections

Infections are the common complications in diabetes, such as purulent skin infections, fungal skin infections, Candida albicans vaginitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Diabetes also often lead to urinary tract infection, mostly being pyelonephritis and cystitis, which recurrently attack and thus turn to chronic inflammation, especially in female patients.

Turbid urine in diabetics due to UTI, is often showing white and cloud appearance. There are a lot of white blood cells in the urinary, as well as bacteria, pus cells.

Diabetes and kidney damage

Renal papillary necrosis is a severe complication of diabetes, but rare. This kidney damage can cause high fever, renal colic (severe kidney pain), blood or necrotic tissues in your urinary. That’s with a high death rate.

Diabetics who experience cloudy urine caused kidney damage, often shows as red and turbid appearance. That means there are blood cells in it, namely hematuria.

Diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is a very common chronic complication, that mainly cause pathological changes in glomerulus (kidney filters). In this case, diabetic urine is characterized by high protein in it, namely proteinuria.

Build Your Own Solar Power System – Earth 4 Energy Review

The rapidly dwindling fuel and energy resources is no secret, and evidently the global power production industry is rapidly moving toward the point of now return Be it the domestic needs or the industrial electricity requirements are creating a strong pressure on the available non-renewable energy reserves. That said, the use of energy efficient appliances and efficient industrial applications have been widely suggested as a prudent conservation approach. Despite several worldwide initiatives as well as national programs by organizations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is apparent that the situation requires some serious action, and fast. And this has to begin at the individual level – starting with you and me!
Let’s admit it. The technological advancement in the recent years has made things too simple and effortless for most people. The scenario is one of complacency running unchecked. But fact is the global energy status is far too critical to warrant some dramatic change in individual attitude and behavior. What better way than to begin taking some sustained attempts to conserve power consumption at home? Enter the Earth4energy program, a tool that is designed to get all the environmentally conscious to take charge and create their own power right from their home. No more wondering if it is feasible to make a personal contribution to the energy crisis.

It’s true, there is no better time to begin getting involved. And Earth4energy is clearly the best approach. Imagine being able to generate all or most of the power you will need to run every single appliance at home? And all that for less than a couple of hundred dollars spent! Now creating you own wind power turbine or solar panel to help generate electricity is becoming a reality. This could eventually mean that every single home globally would be able to use some sort of alternate power source, be it solar or and wind power. The concept of self-sufficiency with respect to electricity needs is indeed appealing. Not to mention the ‘green’ advantage of lesser pollution. And Michael Harvey has tried to do just that with his Earth4energy tool – a step in the right direction which this in itself is reason to celebrate.

The potential benefits of generating your own power are substantial enough. For starters you cut down or completely do away with your monthly electricity bill! And, of course the energy you produce is virtually inexhaustible. It was certainly worth giving a shot, even if it means having to spend some dollars initially. And I did! And the kit delivered everything it promised, and then some. Each ‘do it yourself’ energy generating mechanism you construct will resemble a professionally designed unit, and they won’t cost you a fortune either! Michael guarantees that with the Earth4energy ebook, you will spend not a penny more than $200 on any of the instruments you build from his guidelines. An authentic and reliable windmill that generates power from the non-conventional energy source – the wind outside your door! I am totally floored with this system I tell you!

But the best part about Earth4energy is that the clear and down-to earth approach to the ‘how-to’s. If you have been through those hopelessly technical manuals that abound, you will know what I am talking about. Not this one. Micheal makes it a point to break down all the technical stuff in easy to understand succinct writing. The instructions on Earth4energy are so straightforward and jargon free that even a non-handyperson like me could purchase the materials required with no trouble, as well as figure out every single maneuver needed to construct them. You are sure to feel like you did your good deed a day, every day, once you have built your very own natural power generator. Honestly these are incentives enough to make you want to get your copy of the Earth4Energy guide!

Electricity 2.0 Revolution Mapped – From the Start

Energy Camp blog publishes a Google Map showing the positions of current Smart Grid projects internationally. Needless to say, there are quite a few markers on the map. The article goes on to describe the rising awareness of Smart Grids.

In practice, I wonder sometimes if the Smart Grid will turn out to be as distinct and separated from other energy efficiency related initiatives. It will be difficult to see electricity alone as separated, for example, from the building industry or the transport initiatives of the European Technology Platforms.  The production and management of energy will criss-cross applications and daily living, deepening into IT structures, yet, will continuously require a constellation of knowledge from various discplines to ensure it’s convergence remains practical, economical and useful.